Saturday, October 1, 2011

Strange and Beautiful

We are having a wonderful time here in this beautiful Country. We've been spending time just playing and giggling. Our Ugandan Sweetie has the most beautiful smile, and the sweetest little laugh. She's very soft spoken, but we're thinking that will change easily upon entering our loud home. She is smart beyond words. She has captured our hearts.

Today we are off to see where she is from, and gain as much knowledge of her history as possible. We are excited and nervous about this time.

Strange and interesting sights - 4 foot vultures outside our window. Baboons in the street (although that was very fun to see!) Black wasps. Ugh. (Although, unlike American wasps, they really do leave you alone!)

Beautiful sights - The mountains! The lush, green grass. The amazing gardens. The rainfall while still sunny. Our Ugandan Sweetie.

The journey has just begun!

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Abby said...

Reading this post (and following your journey) has given me goosebumps. You are all so blessed! What a wonderful time for you all.