Friday, October 14, 2011

Manna Rescue Home

An Orphanage is no place for a child to grow up. But we all know that many do....many, being millions. I have seen with my own eyes several orphanages. And so when I walked into Dorcas's Orphanage, Manna Rescue Home, to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The kids were well fed, well cared for, getting an education, and thriving - all things considered. The Matrons of the home were doing a good job caring for 30+ kids ranging in age from 5-17. I'm so thankful that Dorcas, having to enter an Institution, was able to be a part of this one!

I often stand on my soap box and preach that there are MANY ways to care for Orphans. Adoption is just one of them. I'm here to talk about two now.

Carol Adams, perhaps one of the most fantastic ladies I have ever been graced to know, is running an amazing program here in Uganda. She is a Mzungu (10 points to those of you who remember what that is) who has been here for close to 17 years. She started Carol Adams Ministry Y.E.S. Uganda from the ground. Hearing her stories from over the years would make anyone laugh and cry all in the same story. She has seen more than I can bear to imagine, and lives out in one day what would crush me in less than an hour. She is called "The Grandmother to All Children" in her town ... and I would say it is a fitting title!

In the world of Orphan Care, there are many schools of thoughts on how to tackle the "problem". Carol is somehow managing to pull off every option available. Through her organization, children are being sponsored - thus staying with their families who could not afford education or medication, which often results in abandonment. Through her organization - counseling is being given to young children, growing teens, and entire family units. She desires to educate the family as a whole, thereby allowing vulnerable families to remain united. She has contacts with Ugandan authorities and agencies, doing work that no outside traveling Missionary could accomplish - helping to bring aid to the most vulnerable of children. And as a last resort - she has an orphanage - Manna Rescue Home - where kids who have nowhere to call home can live and grow. All of the Children in her Orphanage are living with HIV. She is able to feed them, clothe them, send them to school, and get them on medications (ARV's) all through her program. And as of recent - she has begun to try to find adoptive families for a handful of the kids at Manna Rescue Home who are "true orphans".  The best part is - she does it all in the name of Jesus !! These kids get to learn of the love of their Heavenly Father when all earthly beings have seemed to let them down.

Saying goodbye to the kids at Manna Rescue Home was bitter sweet for us and Dorcas. Each young child, upon entering Manna Rescue Home is given and older child "mentor". Dorcas's mentor was in tears at Dorcas's going away party. :( The kids put together an entire show to say goodbye to Dorcas. They have been her "family" for almost 2 years. Dorcas is the first to be taken out of the Orphanage by an adoptive family - so I can't even think about the mixed emotions these kids must have been feeling.

So I am here, not on my soapbox, but as a Mom pleading for some of Dorcas's friends - family - to be adopted as well. I'm here as an adoptive Mom, but also as a woman who believes that not everyone is "called to adopt", but that we are ALL "called to care for the Orphan". Asking that you would prayerfully consider partnering with Carol Adams Ministry through her Sponsorship program. She is maxed out in her program - meaning she cannot take in any more kids. The money is just not there. I know it can be though!

So there you have it - 2 ways to join this cause! These kids need HOPE, and Carol Adams Ministry is doing a fantastic job at offering it!

On behalf of us, our new daughter; and the countless other children she helps - we cannot thank you enough, Carol!

"The Medicine cabinet" ~ I can't even keep meds straight for myself, let alone 30+ kids!

The going away FEAST! The dear cooks made up more food than I have ever cooked in one setting (and I've cooked for some pretty large crowds!) all to say goodbye to their friend - Dorcas.

The kids, getting ready for the show

The Grandmother to All Children explaining to the kids that even though God has a special plan for Dorcas in sending her to America, He has just a special of a plan in each of their lives. AMEN and AMEN!

The kids being served

It began to rain, so all the kids huddled on the "porch".

Shoes donated from Calvary Bible church in Boulder, CO. The kids lined up and each got to try on the pair they wanted. It was like the Croc Warehouse Sale, folks - right down to the trampling of other humans.

Dorcas's Mentor

Our last goodbye!


Marci said...

JOdy, I am in tears. It is so good to see the beauty, the goodness and Christ shining through something that is usually a death sentence! Thank you for sharing how the body of Christ is being exactly what it was created to be! Hugs!

TheHappyNeills said...

oh, i love this! i love seeing Carol's and David's love for the kids. please Lord bring families for more of these sweet kids!!!