Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friday Market

Every Friday in Kampala, the "Friday Market" is in business! This is a group of vendors who come together to sell their local treasures at unbeatable prices. True African finds, and bargaining to boot! (I don't even know what "to boot" means, but I wanted to say it there.)

The atmosphere is fast and furious. Every booth you walk by, you are greeted with the traditional greeting of, "You're Welcome. Come see." And just about every booth, I couldn't say no.

I went two Friday's in a row, and left both times with my arms weighed down with items. Top finds? Maybe the drum for 30,000 shillings. (Um, $10 US Dollars!) The scarfs, as beautiful as they come. And my favorite??? The beaded jewelry, purse and wallets that are handmade by the women there. To think that many women make their living on wrapping and stringing paper beads blows my mind. And after learning more about Kirabo's mother, these beads hold an extra special place in my heart. She was one of the women who did this for a living....and she didn't just keep the talent to herself, she would teach other women how to provide for their families through this amazing gift.

Friday Market was one of the highlights of my trip!

The bead-makers!

So many to choose from!

Bargaining away!

I'm supposed to pack this how???


Andrea said...

Wow! So beautiful! The Visiting Orphans sight has Christmas tree garlands made of these beads... that's on my "wish list"

Heather said...

I am SO jealous that you got to go to the "real" craft market on Friday!!! Looks like you've got lots of great stuff!

And I giggled at your "No mom, it's not malaria." I'm so glad that my momma isn't the only one! Love seeing all the posts!