Saturday, October 1, 2011


Y'all are still asleep, and I've posted a blog post, did what we had planned for the day, and am now posting again. You people are lazy! Get up! (Of course, I'm kidding.)

We just got back from visiting our UG Sweetie's old home. We saw where she lived, met neighbors, and heard much of her history. To be honest, it was really hard. Seeing the life that is lived here, the tragedy, the heartbreaks. I suppose tragedy and sorrow are everywhere .... but the stories we just heard, and how deep the pain runs is more than most I know will ever experience - myself included.

We are so grateful to have these glimpse of "Sweetie's" history. We want to honor the life she came from and help her to never forget it. We've been afraid of her being afraid. (That sounds funny.) But at every turn, she clings to our hands and pulls us back to the car. She certainly understands what is happening, and seems as if it isn't coming fast enough for her. A good friend emailed me this morning and encouraged me that no matter how hard these days may be, I should savor every moment. The moments this afternoon were certainly savored....and will never be forgotten.

(I know that I'm being really vague still on my blog still. Please remember that pictures and details can come only if and when the Judge honors us the great privilege of guardianship of this sweet little one.)

In other news, we moved hotel today. (For the 3rd time since landing.) Living out of a suitcase is not my specialty. We stepped into our new hotel and decided it was home for a I unpacked some. I was pulling out some of our Uganda Sweetie's new dresses, and she would squeal in delight.

Now, if only my kids would wake up in America so we can Skype, I'd appreciate it!

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