Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hurdles and Highlights

In Junior High, I gave a go at Track and Field. I tried one time to attempt the hurdles. I stumbled over the first one, and decided I was better suited for something else (not that I ever found that something else, but whatever). Well, today, I had my second shot at hurdles. And by the grace of God - I soared over 4 at once!

So maybe it's a cheesy metaphor, but with the weight I feel about every document needed - it brings me joy to think of it like that.

This morning we went in for day 2 of a 4 day medical routine. After that, it was time to go to the Embassy. I knew we still did not have the birth certificate, but my prayer had begun to be one of asking that they would take what we had to start the investigation even without it. So off we went to the Embassy, birth-certificateless.  I handed over the documents we did have, I was kindly told that indeed - they need that birth certificate. She told me that if I had it in by Friday, I could set our Visa appointment for next Wednesday. I asked if we could do it on Monday. She told me that wouldn't be enough time for them to process everything, but that if I somehow could get her the birth certificate by the end of today - we could get in on Monday. I was crushed. I know it is only a couple days difference, but I must say - I miss my family at home, and every passing day is not getting any easier. I went "home" and just felt such sadness. I continued to pray though, asking for SOME WAY, for the certificate to make it's way to me before the day was over.

Fast forward an hour and I got a call from the coordinator here telling me that she got it! She got the birth certificate (hurdle 1)! And not only that ... she had the passport in hand as well (hurdle 2) - which we were told to not expect until Friday. She also had one other form that we needed to submit (hurdle 3). So off I went for the second time today to submit all of it to the Embassy. Aside from our medical reports (which will come on Friday afternoon), we have now turned in everything we need to (that we know of!!! there could be one or two things we are missing, but nothing difficult to obtain). After I handed her those 3 documents, she sent me back to the waiting room for a bit (I wasn't sure why). She called me back in and said I could come on Monday for my Visa appointment! (Hurdle 4!!!!!) She took my email address to contact me if she sees we are missing anything. If everything goes well at that appointment, we will have the Visa in hand by Wednesday and be free to go HOME !

Once again, with so many families facing such hardship and lengthy processes here, I can't help but feel a humble gratefulness and and so undeserving of God moving at this time in this way.

So since I promised to not only have boring business updates- some highlights! Let me tell you just how adventurous our new girl is! With every step of the way since she has been in our care, she has such anticipation and joy written on her face. She looks around with eyes wide open just taking it all in. She makes sure to get the middle seat in the car so she can see exactly where we are going. She enters into public places with much caution, and will cling to my arm as often as possible. Once she finds my hand, she begins to explore the world around her again with those big, expectant eyes. Often, when she is done being wherever we are (for instance, the last two visits to her Orphanage), she will grab me by the hand and start to lead me to the car - always climbing in first, as if to state her desire to go wherever it is I'm going.....and to go there now. I think that she has a real understanding of what is going on right now, and seems so eager to be a part of a family .... of our family! When asked if she wants to go to America - she gives a big "YES!". If she likes riding in the car, I can't wait to see her face looking out the plane window! She loves to cuddle, be tickled, and laugh. She enjoys playing the tablet - especially Angry Birds! She squeals in delight at every new outfit she realizes is for her. She eats everything on her plate, one food at a time (all her veggies, then the meat, then any other side) - just like her mother! :) So far she doesn't like pizza, but everything else she will ask for seconds. The girl can pack it in! She seems to be nothing short of thriving. She truly seems to be responding to us as parents, and her siblings back home. She says hi to all of them on Skype, and will show them her drawings and play-do creations. Every time we see a dog on the street here, she yells - "DOG! GUNTHER!" (I think we mistakenly taught her that the English word for dog is Gunther. Oops. hehe) She is eager to learn our language, and laughs hysterically at me every time I try to speak words in her language. I already feel like she BELONGS in our family, and that is a HUGE HUGE HUGE praise!

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging emails and words along the way!

car ride...she had to sit in the way back, so she kept sticking her head over the headrest to look out my open window.

Angry Birds!

So determined to make the shot

I love this outfit. I love that I can still pick out one of my children's clothes. :) She especially liked the hat.

Elephant riding


Andrea said...

Ummm, thanks for making me cry at work ;) SO glad to hear she has taken her place in your family... just as it was always meant to be!

Kira said...

Love the pics and posts! Thank you for blessing me with them. She is beautiful!

Half Dozen Mama said...

Just wanted to let you know how pleased our family is for you. We have been praying for well over a year that the right family would come for Dorcas, and they have. Please let her know that there were squeals of delight at my house tonight when they found out she had family.

Jody Britton said...

Thank you "Half Dozen Mama". How did you and your family know about Dorcas? I love that she was prayed for before we ever knew about her!

Dawn said...


I'm finally catching up on your posts. Reading this makes me miss Uganda....which I frankly haven't at all these last 6 months since coming home with Isaac. Adoption is an exhausting journey!

I laughed when I read that your daughter loved to eat everything but pizza. The first time we went out for pizza in Fort Portal, I let Isaac order his normal "chips and chicken." He tasted my pizza and said he liked it.

The next time we went to the same pizza place (we'd been together at least two weeks), I decided I didn't want to spend the extra $ for Isaac to eat chips and chicken for the hundredth time. So, I told him we would share the pizza. It was the first time I saw him throw a fit! He was NOT happy.

We had pizza a few more times in Uganda and he was always very mad at me. (I promise I kept him well fed, despite the pizza.)

What is really funny is that as soon as we got home, he declared that he LOVED pizza and now he wants it all of the time. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner he will eat pizza if he can find it.

So, you never know!

Thanks for making me laugh. Love your family and so happy you are home!