Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's in a name?

Some of you know that we have wrestled with if we should change Dorcas' name or not. Dorcas, while a pretty name, is not popular amongst cruel school-aged children in America. We were hoping to be able to call her Tabitha - which is the Hebrew translation of her name. We decided to let her decide.

So since being here with her, we have offered up many different name suggestions. Dorcas, D, De-De, Akiki (her nickname at the Orphanage, which apparently she really dislikes), and even Linda (her middle name). She always says, "No, Dorcas". Aaron and I threw out the possibility of "Kira". Her last name  is Kirabo.(Well, it's not really a last name, but I'm not exactly sure how to explain how it is part of her name. They tried explaining it to me several times, but I still don't get it myself.)  So we thought Kira would be a cute shortened name off Kirabo.  (Because also, if you know us - we shorten all the kids names somehow. It's a must.) But she continued to say, "No, Dorcas".

Until today.

Today she told me she wants to be called Kirabo, not Dorcas. So I'm going with it. She was referred to by any of her 3 names (4 if you count, Akiki) - Dorcas Linda Kirabo - at the Orphanage. So it isn't unusual for her to respond to Kirabo. I keep teasing and shortening it to Kira, and she just grins. (Good sign, right??) We may be on to something.

So what is in her name???

DORCAS was an amazing woman in the Bible. She was also referred to as Tabitha. The name itself means, "gazelle".
Acts 9:36
Now there was in Joppa a disciple named Tabitha, which, translated, means Dorcas. She was full of good works and acts of charity.

Powerful, huh?

LINDA means "beautiful" (or "snake" if you are German. ha!) The other fun tidbit about Linda, is that is also my Mama's name!
              *****I just found out that the name Linda in Africa is in no way connected to the name Linda in the US (or in Germany - thankfully!). The name Linda in Africa means, "to wait".****

KIRABO is perhaps becoming my favorite after all. Who knew. It means, "Gift from God". Could it be any more perfect?

We are a family that names our children based on the meanings. Some names came to us easily, and some not so much  - but in the end, each name has become so fitting for each child. And while Dorcas seems fitting because that is how everyone now knows her and it will be difficult to change, I can't help but fall in love with the name Kirabo.

Providence - The goodness and sovereignity of God.
Eden - Delightful
Samuel - God hears
Malachi - Messenger of God
Kirabo - Gift from God

I like! (I also like that she will keep her given name(s)....just with one more last name!)

(oh - and here is how you would pronounce Kirabo - Key-Ra-Bo..... Roll the "r" if you really want to sound official)

*****I just clarified what Kirabo is, if not a last name. A family of 7 kids will not share a single name. There are no "family names" in Africa - like our name, Britton. So each child will have three different names. One of the names will be a Christian name, and the other names will be Western names. I guess technically, Dorcas, is her Christian name - but Kirabo seems to be a Christian name to me as well. Not to mention that Dorcas and Linda would be the Western names. Hmmmm....So maybe I still don't get it. ha!*****


TheHappyNeills said...

love it! i keep saying it to myself... beautiful tooro name! i like all her names. :)

Michelle G said...

Beautiful name! We too have a Malachi. I am SO "all about" the meaning of the names!
Much love to you and yours!

Christy said...

Love it! We also have named all our children based on their meaning and they have all seemed to fit their names : > ) We are so excited to have you home soon!