Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malachi is ...... TWO !!!

Provi, Eden & Sam in unison - "Malachi is ?!?!?!?!?!?"
Malachi - "TWO !!!!"
So cute !

September 1st Malachi turned 2 ! Or somewhere around there actually ... Sept. 1st is the day they picked in Ethiopia. It makes me sad still that his actual birthday is unknown to everyone who loves him ... everyone but his birth mother I'm sure - wherever she is. On this special day of his, I couldn't help but imagine her sadness, and at the same time thank God for our joy and for the strength his family in Ethiopia possessed to give him over to a better life. Last year Malachi was still in Ethiopia waiting for us to get him. We celebrated his first birthday apart from him. His second birthday was extra special because of it! His first (second) birthday as part of a family .... our family!

Enough of the sappy sad stuff.....
Believe it or not, Malachi had not ever had cake. I was determined to have him wait like every other child until his first (second) birthday. One of his favorite things is BALLS !!! So, here was the cake :
He wasn't all that interested actually. He took 2 little bites, and decided he wanted to play ball instead of eat cake.

We have a group of friends who come to our home weekly, and were with us through our adoption journey, as well as Malachi's first 10 months home. These were the ones we thought he'd want to spend his birthday with. So we had a low key celebration. (Low key, because another bash is around the corner as we celebrate the day he came into our family! PARTAAAYYY!!!!)

It was a great day as we celebrated his life. We look forward to many more years to come ! So, watch out world - Baby Man is 2 !!!!