Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a while, huh???

It's been too long. I know. I'm sorry. Can I just tell you how much I hate getting pictures on the computer??? A lot. But, it's worth it for anyone and everyone to see my sweet family!

Malachi is doing AMAZING!!! He continues to fill our hearts with joy every day. He still loves to make people laugh, which I love! He is "cruising" all over the place. He has figured out his own little obstacle course through the maze that is our home. He has a lot to say too...typical Britton. He says "Dadda, Momma, Ba-ba (bottle), Ni-ni (good night), hi (of which he also waves very dramatically), love you, light, ball, that, and Jesus (according to Providence)". He also signs "more" and "please". SO CUTE! He's gained about 5 lb's since we've been home! He loves to dance to anything with a beat, even Daddy's random drum sessions on the table. (And he's got rythym too...Malachi, not Dad. Well, Dad does too, he is a drummer after all!) He's starting to let other people look at him without crying ... and a few have even had the privaledge of holding him. One babysat for 2 hours during the day. Crazy! He loves being outside, but hates the grass. It's a twisted humor I have, when I try to sit my child in the grass and he lifts his legs and cries in protest ... yet I do that over and over again because it is just funny.

The pictures are much cuter than my words. So, here ya go!

Christmas Eve. All dressed up for church. I think it is funny that Malachi and Eden are making the same face in this picture.

Just cuz he's cute....

Sleeping like a baby (which is a joke of a term really...) in Mom and Dad's bed...cuz Dad lets him. :) At least he is cute in that big ol' bed!

Our future Tiger Woods??? :)

Hi !

"What-chyou-talkin-bout-Willis???" hehe

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry [Ethiopian] Christmas

Today was Christmas in Ethiopia. So, in honor of my Ethiopian Son ... I went on over to YouTube and found this very long Christmas song/celebration. I don't expect anyone to listen to it but us. :) And let me tell you .... HE LOVED IT !!! His face lit up like I've never seen it upon hearing "his" music. SO cute. He also started dancing and pointing at the screen. Then I got a little sad, wondering if he remembers those sounds - and I was really just torturing him by playing them. Hmmmmm....
Merry [Ethiopian] Christmas!!!!