Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Dayz

After Malachi's haircut at Precision Kutz and Sytlz, I decided to always spell with a "z" instead of an "s". It just seems right.

Welcome to Colorado, Kira!  Cold, lots of blood work (I won't make you endure the picture again for those of you who saw it on Facebook, but basically imagine 15 viles of blood - yes, that was it), scary costumes and strange decorations, snow ..... oh wait .... a break in the snow! Quick! This is what we call "fall".

We weren't sure how to explain trick-or-treating to Kira, but hey, what kid doesn't enjoy playing dress up and walking around getting free candy. It was quite the delightful evening after all!

The Barber kept singing Lionel Richie songs. Nice.

Dinner at Chili's before trick-or-treating. (The treat was for the parents - kids ate free!)
All dressed up, so pretty in pink. Is she a fairy? A ballerina? A butterfly? (She has wings on the back)

Oh no! Here comes the Storm Trooper! ("Corn trooper" if you ask Malachi)

Kira would stand at the door before anyone answered saying trick-or-treat. It was really a bit funny...

"Many candies!", she would exclaim after every house. The final loot was more than enough.

Quick ... time to play in the leaves before it snows again!

Snowing leaves are as much fun as snowing snow.

Sweet joy - jumping in leaves for the first time ever.

Doesn't get much cuter....

Kira really liked the raking part when we were all done playing. Malachi decided to "help".