Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Ugandan Snow Princess

Here we are, 2 days back home, and the snow has begun. Welcome to Colorado, Kirabo! The day passed with us all warm and cozy, just staring out the window at the snow .... until the other kids came home from school and asked to play in said snow. Sigh. I'll admit, along with my friend Angie, that I sorta loathe getting the kids ready to play in the snow. So.Much.Work. And now that we have 5 kids to bundle up .... oh my. It is quite the production that quickly sends my mood in a downward spiral. But we'll forget about that and focus on how much fun the kids had....including Kira.

For a Ugandan Sweetie who has never seen snow, you'd think she was born on the ski slopes or something. She LOVED it! It didn't take her long to understand the joy of throwing snowballs (and the pain of being hit by one). It didn't take her long to realize you can fall completely backwards into the snow and not get hurt. It didn't take her long to realize that you can fall face forward into the snow and your face gets really cold ... but that didn't stop her. She couldn't get enough of face planting into the snow. I thought for sure that once she felt the sting of hats coming off and gloves coming loose, she would be DONE. But nope. She would just walk over and ask for help re-adjusting and then return to face planting.

The other kids had a blast introducing their new sister to the joy that is snow. (And the yumminess that is hot chocolate afterwards!)

Finally I realized that frost bite must be setting in, and seeing how Kirabo wouldn't recognize the feeling, I called them in. Aaaaand then I made them all help each other get out of the snow gear, because I was still recovering from getting them in it. And sorry Angie - I gave up having them pile it by the back door inside, because like you - that drives me nuts. Nope, all the wet stuff is out in the garage growing icicles until tomorrow when it will be 60 degrees.

Watch out, Malachi!

Daddy getting some snow balls in.

Snow Angels

Eating more snow.

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Christy said...

Oh what fun!!!! Kids and snow - the fascination is almost worth all the work to get them out and back in the house.