Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

So excited to be on the plane! (Until the second flight, when she began to say, "no more plane.")

New sisters are the best!

Everyone trying to talk to her at once, and she just would laugh.


The Britton Bus is filling up!

SNOW?!?!?! She decided to eat it. We told her to stay away from the yellow stuff.

"COLD!!!", she exclaims, but can't stop sticking her hand out the door. Yes, yes we were in the jungle 3 days ago.

Taking in all the white stuff for the first time ever!

I finally had to tell her to shut the door. :)


Rebecca said...

these pictures are awesome!! what a journey.... so happy for the britton family! God is so good. :)

Angie said...

LOVE. What a smile! You have five beautiful children, friend. What an adventure. And what a welcome to Colorado! Sheesh!

Hannah said...

So precious- I love the pictures! And I love you and your sweet family! So happy that your Ugandan sweetie is HOME with her family!!!

Creativity said...

Amazing collection!! :)
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Heather said...

Jody, I am so happy with you that ALL has gone well! Little Dorcas (Kira?) looks wonderful - she has grown amazingly since I last saw her in March 2009!

God bless you, your husband, and lovely family with much happiness, joy and delight as you share God's goodness and mercy with so many others.

Praise God for servants such as yourselves - you are truly blessed with five beautiful children, and they abundantly blessed with two wonderful parents!

Tell Kira, 'Mukama (Mookaama) Asiimwe (Asseeemweh) - which means, 'Praise God'. Tell her please that Mama Heather and Pastor Alan send their love (she may have forgotten us, but maybe not).

Thanks so much for sharing your joy, happiness and love with us.