Monday, October 24, 2011

Delta, meet Satan.

I need to re-read my words that I wrote prior to leaving Uganda, because right now I'm feeling pretty defeated. 48 hours on 4 hours of sleep probably isn't helping. But seriously, when I mentioned that the Enemy doesn't like adoption (I mentioned that, right?) .... apparently Delta Airlines is now the anti-Christ. This is unreal.

We made it through our first 2 big flights without a glitch. So thankful! Kira slept for the first flight (for about 6 or 7 hours of it). She too has been awake since. She and I are walking Zombies at the moment. We got to Detroit with a little over an hour to make our connection. I kinda want to go on a big rant and complain about every failure Delta has had - but why? The point of the annoying story is that we made it to our gate with 3 minutes to spare as the man at the ticket counter told us to RUN because there were no other direct flights available today to Denver. So like Forest Gump, I ran - w/ 80 lbs of carry on luggage and a Kirabo. When we arrived, they were just pulling the walkway away from the plane and would not let us board. We tried to go standby on a 3:00 flight, but it didn't happen.

All that to say - I would like to fall in a heap on the floor, but then someone would probably put something in my luggage when I'm not looking, and the man overhead keeps telling me that is bad.

Kira is a little traveling trooper. She has had her share of "moments" during our travel, but all in all - she's amazing. I took advantage of our time in Detroit and had dinner at Chili's. 4 weeks without Chili's is not right! It was so yummy! (Oh, and I'm also sitting here with a Pumpkin Spice Latte to get me through the next 7 hours. Mmmmmm......) At Chili's, it was perhaps a bit too much too soon for Kira to be knocked up side the head with the reality that her world is about to change - big time. She took a chip, stuck it in the Salsa (of which they DO NOT have in Uganda) and bit into it. Her eyes got huge, she spit it out and began to cry. Oh my. I of course thought it was funny until I realized she wasn't joking. Fail. She bit into the chicken strips though and got a big grin and yelled, "YAY"! So, good - Chili's will be somewhere she won't cry at upon remembering the salsa. This is necessary since we eat here about once a week.

She's having a hard time understanding why we have two more planes to ride on when she and I have been talking for the last 2 days that we had 3 planes. Now it is 4. She has made it clear that she is not happy about the change of plans. I guess I have too.

So, there you have it. What I do know is that at the end of today - we will STILL be home, and we will all be together. I'll take it!

****After posting this rant, I remembered something to be thankful for in the midst of this. The kindness of one woman toward me was a breath of fresh air. She offered to the people at the counter to give up her and her 2 sons seats so that Kirabo and I could get home. They wouldn't let her - but the fact that a woman who doesn't know me would offer up such kindness was unreal. You don't see that often. (She saw me miss the flight and crumble into tears.)  So....there's one to remember! I pray that God blesses that sweet woman.****

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Michelle G said...

Oh prayers!!! My heart goes out to you! I pray that by the time you read this - it is all but a memory and you are home sweet home.