Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Eagle Has landed!

First of all, let me just say that I know some of you are getting our updates on Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and private emails. If that is you - I'm sorry for the over-kill. There are a handful of people that are only following our journey in any one of those ways. That, and I'm over-the-top excited to be at this part of the journey. So over-kill is my way of shouting it to the moon how over-joyed I am. ;)

We made it to our hotel around 1:00 am Uganda time. After a shower and getting everything settled, we got a call on Skype from back home. What a sweet welcoming to see our 3 kids back home! I'm so thankful for an internet connection that held long enough for us to see them and talk for a few moments.

Sleep never felt better! As I laid there closing my eyes, I was tempted to not sleep as I was taking in all the sounds of outside. It brought me back to our time in Ethiopia. The wild dogs, the loud music, the chanting. I was trying to figure out if the sounds I was hearing here in Uganda were similar. The music, while not the same as Ethiopian music, was just as loud into all hours of the morning. I loved it!

We awoke this morning and as we were able to finally see this land in daylight .... it took our breath away. Provi's expression was priceless! We haven't even left our hotel yet, and I'm in love! We sat outside with our breakfast .... and yes, some of the most fantastic coffee on the planet. Oh how I love Africa! Aaron and Provi went to scout out the hotel that we'll be at today while I sat savoring my coffee and listening to some Eva Cassady playing overhead. (Thought of you PJ!!) I read a few chapters from Isaiah, and rested in knowing that God's story of redemption has been written all along. The reason we are here is heartbreaking, but His plans of joy and hope are nothing short of amazing. (Maybe even epic.)

Well .... off we go. Today we run errands. Scout out lodging. Meet with the attorney. Find water. (And if Provi gets her way, swim. :) )

Thanks for following along. You earn 3 bonus points if you are following along in every method possible.


Jeff said...

Definitely EPIC! I can't get enough of the Gospel story - so twitter, facebook, blog and email away! Isaiah 61:1.

Lindsay Boyle said...

Keep the updates coming, I'm loving it!

Andrea said...

LOVE the updates! Hope you find Internet connection the whole trip. Makes me tear up picturing you actually in Uganda!!!! Happy happy day

Andy said...

I love bonus points!

Angela said...

Woohoo! Bonus points! :) praying for you all! Can't wait to hear what comes next!!:)