Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bring it.

What do the following things have in common:
Washing machine, my hair, new Suburban, lawn mower, and adoption ?

I know ... none of these things are at all like the others, huh?

All schemes of the Enemy to try and crush us. Every single one of those things have brought up some major unforeseen expenses. (Of course, we knew the adoption had expenses, but there have been some that weren't planned for that have been thrown into the mix.) It's almost laughable at how he tends to use the same means to distract us whenever we are facing something big. Almost.

As much as I'm dying to tell the funny story here with how my hair turned green (just like Anne in Anne of Green Gables!), or the story from the laundry mat (with pictures and everything), or the conversation with the guy at the car place when they fixed our new car, or the choking/white smoke flooding our entire neighborhood after attempting to mow the lawn .... I just don't have it in me right now. I want to find humor in these things...and probably on some level, I do. But right now it's taking every ounce of strength to tell Satan that HE is the one being crushed, not me ... that God has called us into something that He will not leave us alone in .... that God will provide greater than what the Enemy is trying to steal ... that his discouraging side-shows are not making me wish one single second that we wouldn't be doing what we are doing.

In four days, we are (Lord-willing) boarding a plane to meet the Ugandan Sweetie we've been longing for and praying for. We will be standing before a Judge very soon (Lord willing) asking that He grant us favor to call this child our own. And I am so thankful to be in this journey, no matter how the Enemy tries to knock us down.

Next in line? Plans will be change, details will be missed, and finally - our kids will get sick and I'll feel awful about leaving them. Eden already started it.

Bring it.

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Dan said...

The kiddo's will do fine. Grandma will be able to take care of them and Grandpa will watch and try to help also. Flu is just a somewhat normal thing that happens to all kiddo's their age. Have plenty of ice cream on hand and that may smooth some of the rough spots.