Monday, September 26, 2011

Tomorrow. Wait, today.

Well..... here we go!!!! The moment we have been waiting for is here! We knew 6 months ago that the Ugandan Sweetie on the screen was who we would hope and pray would join our family.

Many speed-bumps later...we're finally ready to board that plane. What we thought would be a trip three weeks ago is coming to fruition..... tomorrow.

Tomorrow we get on that big plane (you know, the red and blue striped thing with 4 wheels that looks like a big Tylenol ;) ). Our 6, yes 6, bags are packed. (And that's packing lightly!) Almost each bag weighs in at 49.5 pounds. We're praying the person that checks us in has a heart when their scale (that is most certainly off) weighs each bag 1 pound over.

Months have gone by of planning and preparing. Painting. Gathering. Storing. Dreaming. Spending. Creating. Wondering. Praying. And here it is! All the planning in the world will not fully prepare us for what is about to come. Our life as a family of 6 is about to change....and this is good. So good. I don't know what the future holds, but I do see God's hand in the past bringing us to the present. So with faith and joy and MUCH anticipation .... we are jumping in!

The fears I have of our cozy family of 6 shifting to 7 ..... they will soon be replaced with the reality of our Ugandan Sweetie.

The fears I have of if she will like us .... they will soon be replaced with the reality of our Ugandan Sweetie.

The fears I have of how we will work out our finances, our schedules, our attention & affection....they will all be replaced with the reality of our Ugandan Sweetie.

There is nothing left to buy. Nothing left to re-arrange. Nothing left to paint. Nothing left to wash. No meals left to cook and freeze. No cleaning left to do. No car seats left to buy. Nothing left to pack (well, except my make-up bag of course!). Nothing left to prepare for.

Tomorrow (wait ...TODAY !!! Oh my goodness!!! TODAY!!! It is 1:00am. I so should be in bed!)

Tomorrow/today we board that big plane with our 6 bags and sit. For a really.long.time. as we make our way to our Ugandan Sweetie.

Pray for us.


Michelle G said...

oh offering prayers! So many many prayers!! God speed and safe journey there...and then home with your precious babe :)

TheHappyNeills said...

can't wait to see you together with D! i don't know if *I* will be able to sleep, haha!


Sharilyn said...

So happy for you! Stay safe and we are praying! Can't wait to see you all safely back here!Update when possible!

Heather said...

Hello there :)
My name is Heather Hall. My husband, Alan, and I were missionaries to Uganda & knew little Dorcas' dear mother, Ruth, who went to be with the Lord in 2009! Reading your blog has been a delight. I heard about tomorrow being your big day & wrote to Carol about this. She supplied me with your blog details. We are absolutely thrilled for you ALL & pray God's richest blessings on the proceedings tomorrow. We'd love to be kept informed about little Dorcas' progress as we knew her well. Her mother was an amazing, talented, liguistically blessed woman of God who battled to survive & supply her little family's needs against all odds. She'd have been thrilled for her little lady, as we are! We can supply you with some background history if you'd like to have this, as the little one may want to know details some day? From very young, your little lady learned to help in the family, thread beads on necklaces made from recycled materials which were sold for their support, etc. I have some photos you may love to have? Thank you for loving her :) God bless you and give you all much joy as your family grows. Heather