Monday, September 26, 2011

Random, weary travelers.

We are sitting in the Amsterdam Airport. We should be sleeping, but we can't. The woman coming over the loudspeakers speaking Dutch every 2 seconds is a bit distracting. Not to mention it is 8:00 am here, so it's bright and noisy. So really, what else is there to do but blog??

We made it out the door this morning, with only 2 times of having to turn around and run back in due to something I forgot to pack. The third time, upon realizing that I had left the kitchen sink behind, Aaron told me we had to go. :)

It was a hard, sniffly morning. I was sad to say goodbye to the kids, and they were sad as well. So hard. We heard news that the evening was MUCH better and the tears were all gone, so that brings me peace.

God is really amazing. A while back I was out with a friend for coffee. I was going to pay with my card, because I had only $4 cash in my wallet. I told her it needed to stay there b/c our UG Sweetie's visa is exactly $404 dollars, and we have to have the $4 or they won't give change. I knew I'd forget to get 4 more dollar bills if I spent those. Last minute though, I decided to use my precious $4 bills. Fast forward to this morning, and I was hand delivered a special note with a generous gift. And can I just tell you that it was this gift that finally brought me to full tears after saying good-bye to the kids? Aside from the generosity, I was blown away by the fact that she had remembered our conversation .... and there in my hand were 4 dollar bills. I had indeed forgotten to get the cash for this. I love that God had prompted her to give me the $4, and that she obeyed. I have some pretty amazing friends - and one really amazing God.

Onto the flights. 12 hours done, 14 more to go. I have no clue what time zone I'm in. Trying to disperse meds for strep throat, malaria, and sleeping pills at appropriate times is proving to be a bit of a challenge when the time keeps changing on me. We've been served pasta and chicken for late afternoon snack, and an egg sandwich for a midnight snack. Can't wait for the lasagna for breakfast!

Provi is a trooper. She's had 5 minutes of sleep. Maybe it feels like a sleepover, only with less giggling and nonsense. She and I have begun our Harry Potter Movie Marathon. And she and Aaron have played endless hours of Angry Birds. She has been nothing but excited for this trip. She's too young to be anxious like her mother - just pure excitement! Have I told you how happy I am that she had the guts to take this trip with us? She's a pretty cool kid, that Provi-Anne girl.

Hmmm.... oh, I already tweeted it, but I am pretty stoked about my mad packing skills. After hours of shifting things from one suitcase to the next to keep them all under 50 lbs, then stand on the scale repeatedly looking at a number I hadn't seen since I was pregnant (due to holding the bags) and never cared to see again .... I was pretty excited to show up to the airport this morning and see 49#, 49#, 49#, 18# (WHAT?!?!? Yeah, that was our "just in case bag". Just in case we were over, we'd throw it in there. But we didn't have to move a thing!) Oh yeah. Put that on my resume along with garage sale queen!

Well, I think that's enough random weariness now.

Oh, I'm smelly right now. It's that mix b/wn BO and Airplane funk. Mmmmmm. Lovely. I could go to that Perfumes&Cosmetics store that I'm sitting here staring at.

Okay. Off to find some good coffee!


Jeff said...

God's speed weary travelers :-)

Michelle G said...

Oh it sounds like the "labor" of adoption :) Blessings and love and peace and strength to you!!