Friday, November 7, 2008

We're in Germany

Here we are in Germany enduring a very long layover ... only this time, with a baby in tow. He's doing very well for being a 1 year old world traveler. We had one mishap on the plane, but it only lasted about 15 minutes. (Can you believe some lady had the nerve to come ask the stewardess to make the baby be quiet????? Me neither, but she did.)

Anyway, while there is much much more to say, I'm tired, and do not feeling like talking. (I know, you can't believe that either.) However, Aaron has uploaded some great pictures and video on his check it out {here} !

See ya'll soon. Miss everyone. Miss my bed. Miss my shower. Miss my tap water with which I can brush my teeth. Miss my children. Miss my deodorant that I accidentally put in my checked bag rather than my carry on. (As is everyone around me.)

Bye - Bye or auf Wiedersehen-auf Wiedersehen


Dawn said...

Thansk for all the updates and videos! They are amazing ! He looks so sweet!

Nunez Family said...

Yae we all made it home!!!!
You guys are so awsome, I am thankful God crossed our paths. You truely are great examples of parents for Sam & I:))) Your right you do know children & you do it well, Its just in you & it shines thru your spirits!
Thanks for encouraging & supporting us along the way...probably the hardest week of my life, but God showed himself mighty in our lives like never before. I guess its all apart of the journey & will make us stronger:)
We pray that you are being blessed with your new lil' guy & rejoicing being back at home:)))
Hope to see you down the road with our kiddos:)
P.S. Jody, I may be e-mailing you if I ever have any questions...You have a lot of wisdom:))))
Ana Nunez