Friday, November 7, 2008

Last thoughts

Well, our bags are packed, so I thought that I'd jump on one more time
to share a few more things that have happened.

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Yesterday, we visited the Orphanage where Malachi came from. That was
one of the hardest things of my life..... and his. He actually began
to cry when we walked in. He didn't like it in there at all. They were
able to show us where he slept at. While most kids move from room to
room, he was in the "sick" room while he was there, as he was on a
feeding tube for the entire 3 months. :( The sick room was so hard to
see. A lot of the nannies actually remembered him. Without us telling
them who he was, they were coming over, kissing him, squealing -
"Abel"!! I'm glad he made such an impression. We were told some
of the stories of the kids in there, which was also hard. Did I
mention it was hard???? We would have taken them all ... if it weren't
for that whole legal thing.

So, another hard moment was this morning. On our paperwork, we have
the general location where Malachi was found abandoned. Our guide took
us there. It went through an area of town where for the first time, I
felt unsafe. We of course were safe .... but my point is, the area of
town where Malachi came from isn't a great one. We never got out of
the van. We pulled up to the church which was the landmark it gave for
where he was found. The tears just came. Some of the things I've
wondered ever since we got the referral of Malachi are - Who left you?
Mom, Dad, older brother or sister? How? How do you leave a child?
Well, after seeing this area ... it put things in a new light. In
America, most of us have never, and will never feel the desperation
that the people here feel. To be living in this area that we drove
through today ... trying to raise children..... can't even imagine.
Whoever left him loved him enough to take a chance that he'd be found
and placed with someone who could remove him from the life they lived remove him from such a desperate situation. I'm convinced that
whoever left him to be found, loved him so much .... so much that
they, I'm sure, died to themselves to save his life. I've never had to
live out my love so deeply, and so painfully ...and I pray I never do.
God knew when and where he was left. God made it possible for whoever
cared for him to release him. God led the police to find him. God gave
him to us. For this, I can't even express how thankful I am.

Malachi is such a joy. Every passing moment, he is growing more and
more comfortable with us. He is so playful and happy. Thank you for
praying for this with us. God has placed him in our hearts, and us in
his I believe. We can't wait for everyone to meet him!

Well, it is time to start getting our bags down. We leave for the
airport in 45 minutes. I'm not feeling well right now...but I think it
is from too much coffee and not enough food. (I'm scared of the food
making me sick, so I've resorted to coffee for energy. :) ) Anyway
.... pray for the 30 hours that lie ahead of us, and all those in our
travel group. Most of them, or their children, or both are sick. (And,
most of them are first time parents too .... and are doing an amazing

OH .... we got Malachi's American & German visa & passport today.
Thanks for praying for that too!

Provi, Eden & Sam .... be good for Grandma! Have fun today. We can't
wait to see you at the airport tomorrow. Are you so excited to meet
your new brother???? I'm excited for you. We love you more than you
know. We are just as thankful that God gave us you 3, as we are God
giving us Malachi. It's been a long 2 years waiting and planning and
praying for your new guys have been so great through
all of it. Thanks for making room for one more at the dinner table!
See you soon.


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Angela said...

OH my word!! You are on your way home!!!!!!!! I'm praying for you RIGHT NOW!!! LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you (when you are a bit settled!)

Lindsay Boyle said...

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

Elizabeth Norton said...

I wish I could see what you have gained there. I am sooooo happy for you~~!!!! Congrats.