Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photo's Round 4

Malachi with Grandpa! It took about 4 days of being home and seeing Grandpa for Malachi to agree to Grandpa holding him. I'm glad he let him!

Up until our friend Jessie let us borrow her swing, we had to hold Malachi to sleep. This was hard for me, for many reasons. So when we realized the swing did the trick, I was very thankful ... and he's really cute in it!

Sam took a few days before asking, "Can I hold him?" Malachi obviously had no objections.

My good friend Hannah gave me this sling as a baby gift. It's been so nice when my arms can't hold him to sleep anymore. He really enjoys walks outside in it too. He wanted nothing to do with a stroller until about yesterday, so this came in handy. I hope to use it more. Sometimes it just makes him angry though, so I'm trying to figure it all out.

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ChasePlace said...

Our boys have that same snowflake outfit. We had to hold Kaleb to sleep too....still do sometimes. Glad the swing worked for you.