Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photo's Round 3

Malachi's 1st Dr. appoint was 2 days after we got home. He did great! He even cracked a smile for the Dr. He checked out just great! 16 lb 8 oz. and head size : big. :) Dr. actually said it was a good thing that he had a big head, despite the little body. It means that throughout the malnourished phase of his life, his brain kept soaking up any nutrients available ... at the expense of his body. This is good. Body catches up faster than mind. (Unless you're old. :) )

BATH TIME !!! Malachi LOVES baths! (Big change from that first try in the Hotel.) The kids like it especially when I put him in the kitchen sink b/c it's right at their level. I'm come to find out that I can multi-task pretty well after dinner. Malachi in one side, dinner dishes in the other! :)

Sam thought the Ethiopian soccer gear was pretty cool. Now, if only he played soccer. Oh well, he's cute!

One of the challenges with Malachi is what to feed him. He doesn't actually seem to eat much. However, we've discovered that if noodles and chicken are involved, he loves it! He DOES NOT like to be spoon fed, but rather would prefer to make a big mess and feed himself. Oh well.

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