Monday, November 17, 2008

The Rest of the Story

I know, I haven't given much information since we got home, huh?? Yeah, sorry about that. I have a lot of kids now, less sleep than needed, company in town .... should I keep going? haha. Sorry though. I know a lot of you have been asking for more ... so, here goes!

The view from our hotel - The Addis View Hotel. (Some view, huh???)

Aaron with Malachi (once I finally handed him over)

Malachi's room at the transition home (his bed is second from the left)

Here he is asleep ... again! (That's what he did most of the time we were there.)

Playing ball with dad....and loving it!

The revealing of the bald head

First bath (now back at the hotel all together!)

He had his own little crib in our hotel room. Clean and cozy!

Just because he's so cute

The "District" where Malachi was found. Instead of street names, the city is built around "landmarks". Our paperwork tells us he was found in the area of this church.

He was found outside a private compound. (Meaning a house with a brick wall built around it, rather than a random hut with a tin roof.) Sorry it's such a bad shot, it was raining, so the pics were taken through the car window.

Traditional Ethiopian Dinner. YUMMY!!! (Um, kidding.) Actually, the lentils weren't bad. The experience of the night was great though. They did this crazy dance thing that made me think I needed a visit to the chiropractor!
This was the orphanage where Malachi spent 3 months after being found. Kids Care.

This was about the only beautiful part of it...other than the sweet children's faces.

Malachi wasn't too happy there. He stayed in the van with Aaron most of the time.

More of Kids Care. I think I'll start to dry my laundry like this..... :)

Off to lunch. Aaron & Malachi really liked the bread!

Time to pack ! Time to go home !

At the Addis Ababa airport. 10:45 pm

One last gathering of (almost) all the babies going to their new homes!

Wanna guess what this is a picture of ??? On our first flight to Germany, we had the bulk head seats. However, since it was an International flight, there are 4 seats in the middle of the window seats. In front of us, we had a bassinet that hung from the wall! Look really close, you'll see his tiny face in there under the blankets. He slept most of the first 10 hour flight! Nice.

Our little world traveler. He did better than me, I think.

HOME !!!! Car seat...what is a car seat??? Why am I strapped in, and who are the little people in the back staring at me???

So there was the rest of our trip. I'll try to get to since we've been home in the next day or two!


Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Oh man, I love all the photos! I can't wait to be there! Oh, and he is soooo adorable!!

Theresa said...

Hey! I just love the pictures! He is absolutely PRECIOUS! I just want to kiss those cheeks! :) We are still praying for you guys!

Angela said...

he's soooooooooo precious! loved seeing him and squeezing those sweet cheeks in person! :)