Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I just tried to send 2 pictures again. I hope it worked....

Well, today we got through our Embassy appointment w/o a glitch! They
told us they are going to process our paperwork so Malachi's visa is
ready to be picked up tomorrow morning. If it is in fact done, we head
to the German Embassy in the morning. Thanks to everyone who prayed
for Val's fingerprints too! Praise God, they showed up this morning
just in time!!!!

Today was a fun day with Malachi. He's really becoming more
comfortable with us. He is still very skeptical of every new person
who tries to look at him, or smile at him, as well as any new place we
go. So Provi, Eden, & Sam .... know that he may be a little scared
when we get to the airport at home. Don't worry though, we know he
will love you!!! He ate a lot better for us today too. (We've been
having a hard time getting him to take solid foods.) He really enjoyed
spaghetti at dinner tonight! We went to this great little Italian
place for dinner. Funny how some of the best Italian food I think I've
ever had was while I was in Ethiopia!

We also got to go to a place where Rachel recommends buying bulk
coffee. I bought up a bunch of it for only $3/lb. CRAZY ! What is even
more crazy, is that the coffee farmers just got more from the sale of
$3 coffee beans here, than they do from the $13 bag I buy back home.

While we were there, our guide was sharing his life story with us.
He's got an amazing story to tell, but I just want to share one tid
bit with you.

Aside from working for our agency, he also started his own ministry
here in Addis. He has taken it on himself, to sponsor 25 street kids
to go to the public school. Here in Africa, one has to pay to attend
even public schools. He meets regularly with these kids to make sure
they are doing well. We asked him how much it costs for him to send
these kids to school. We figured that roughly, he pays the equivalent
of about $280 (US dollars) a year for all 25 of these kids. Many kids
don't get the opportunity to go to school, due to the fact that the
average $45/year is too much for them, as they live on $1 a day. Where
the reality check came in for me, is that this man gives so much of
his hard earned money to these children ... trusting by faith that God
will meet his needs as well. What he spends in one year for these
kids, is just over what I spend on my car (more if you count gas) in 1
month!!!! Sobering.

On a much lighter note, we thought we'd escape the political hoop-la
being in Africa on Election Day. But nope .... everywhere we go, we
have at least on African stating - "Obama, yeah??!!!" It's all over
the TV, in stores ... everything. As our guide told us today, Obama
brings hope to many of them .... seeing how he worked his way up in
life. Africa needs more people who think they could do such a thing!

Provi, Eden & Sam .... We miss you more and more with each day. We
hope you are all feeling well. We pray that the next few days go fast
for all of us. We can't wait to be home with you! I hope you have fun
w/ Brian & Vanessa, then Grandma Sharon. Be good, k??? Oh, Provi -
Grandma wants to do those leaf pictures with you guys. The leaves are
still in the books downstairs, so show Grandma, okay? Also ...don't
forget to show her the movies on top of the fridge! Love you all.

Good night.


Dena said...

AACK! I LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL BALD HEAD!!! I'll bet you rub and kiss it all the time! I'm so glad you've gotten good rest. I've been thinking of you all and praying for you so much. Jeremy probably thinks I'm obsessing, but I KNOW he loves the updates too.

Angela said...

I was SO thinking of you last night watching the election returns online! I thought 'Jody escaped the election' Guess not!?

Andy said...

I'm jealous of the kiddies. Grandma Sharon is Da Bomb. Yes, I just busted out Da Bomb. Some of the best nights in my young life were sleepovers with the Britton boys.

Happy that everything is going smooth.

rachelmichelejackson said...

This is just so awesome. I can't think of anything else to say. Praise God for His wonderful ways!