Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gotcha Day

This morning we were able to go to the Market. I made Rachel, the
Transition Home director, stay with me the entire time. I'm glad I
did, as she knows the lowest price the owners let stuff go for! I got
a lot of really great Ethiopian things. It will be nice to have some
things to have for Malachi as he grows that came from his land.

After the Market, we were off to the Transition Home again. Each
family had a few packages to deliver from those who are still waiting
to unite with their children. I had the joy of taking gifts for 3
families. And because I've been in their shoes before (dying to know
about your children), I'm going to take a minute to speak to them.
Don't go away yet, as more about Malachi is to come!

First off, let me tell you 3 families that yesterday, before I even
knew which ones were your children, I was drawn to them! They are so
precious. I was excited to find out today that they were your
children, as now I have more pictures than planned even!

Sapp's, Y is wonderful! She has so much life in her. She enjoyed jump
roping, and was amazing at it too. Today when she saw her gifts, she
got the biggest grin on her face. SO CUTE !!! She dove right into it!
She played so well with the other kids. She seemed to be one of the
little "mommies" in the home. It was fun to see her with the babies
….kissing them, holding them, and loving them. She has so much love in
her. Barret met her today for the first time (which I also caught on
film). He was taken immediately!

Witter's – S is just too cute for words. She actually reminded us a
lot of our younger daughter. Both Aaron and I were taken with her
immediately. She's very ticklish. She also was always carrying around
the little photo album that we had sent Malachi for some reason. She
was delighted to get her own today when I took Malachi's back. She's
such a little tease. She'll giggle and laugh and smile, until she
decides no more. Then she hides from you and the camera. Only, I
caught her in the reality that it was a game, as I caught her sneaky
little playful eyes on camera as she was trying to tell me she was
done with her close ups. Haha

Howley – B is so stinking cute! I got a lot of pictures of her (again,
before I knew it was her) yesterday. The funny thing is, she was
sleeping in most of them. When I asked Rachel who she was, she told me
her name. I said, "Oh, I'm taking pictures for them! I wish she was
awake!" She laughed and said she's almost always sleeping. Hehe At
least she is cute at it. I did catch her awake today. One of the
Nanny's was feeding her when we showed up. At this point I was able to
catch a few smiles ….with formula on the side. Haha After that, it was
back to bed!

Alright ……. MALACHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!
When we showed up today, he had had his head shaved. We knew it was
coming, as the nurse asked us yesterday if she could do it. But when
we saw him, we still couldn't believe our eyes. Let me paint you a
picture…."Whatch-you-talkin-bout-willis?" haha It is so cute though!
He's got this perfectly shaped little bald head, and I love it! He
spent a lot of time with Aaron today, and Aaron was even able to get
some smiles … and some Dada's. Not that Malachi knew that Aaron was
Dada, but Aaron still thought it was pretty cool. Turns out balls make
him very happy….which makes Aaron very happy.

After a tearful afternoon at the home (the nannies are always sad to
see the babies go), it was time to leave. And as I said yesterday, we
got to take Malachi with us! I held him as we left, and once again,
put him right to sleep. I'm glad I have that ability with him. He
slept a good portion of the way back to the hotel. Once he woke up,
however, it seemed to start all over for him ….. he seems frightened.
I know this is natural, and I know it will pass. I don't even mind it
so much for our sake. Really, what is the hardest for me, is that my
new son, this Baby Man I fell in love with months ago, has had a
deeper pain in his short little life than I ever have had to endure.
Everyone at the Home tells us how much happier he is now than when he
came to them. And I know it's true. I can see the change in his eyes
with each picture we've gotten. However, pain is still there. You can
still see it. It runs deep, and it runs hard. It breaks my heart. I
know that God has placed him in our family. I know God has ordained
every day of Malachi's life. I know God formed him in his birth
mothers womb. Yet why God has any child, any helpless child, have to
go through such pain … is something I will never understand. What I do
understand, more now than ever before (now that we have him), is WHY
he asks US, those who love HIM, to do something about it. I understand
why His heart cares for the least of these. And that …. That calling,
has become more beautiful to me than it ever has been before. I am in
awe that He has called us into this. That He is allowing us to be part
of Malachi's story. That He made it possible for this to happen
(through most of you!). That the remainder of Malachi's life on earth
get to be spent as a Britton. Mostly, I'm thankful that Malachi is now
part of a family and a community that will do their best to point him
toward his one true Heavenly Father – Jesus. The one who will never
leave him, nor forsake Him. The one who will wipe away his every tear
(and there have been many of them just since we've known him). The one
who will save him from this harsh world, and the pain that it brings.

Please continue to pray for his heart toward us. It is obvious that he
is afraid … afraid of us. (I would be too! Have you seen us?) Pray
that we get him and his needs figured out enough over the next few
days, and for him to be comfortable enough with us, to load on a plane
for 26 hours. I truly believe that while he doesn't know what is going
on, he can feel in his soul that his life is again turning upside
down. Pray that his soul finds rest in our arms quickly.

Provi, Eden and Sam – We love you guys so much, and miss you as much!
We've been showing Malachi your pictures. The only time we've heard
him laugh is while he was looking at you guys. Your going to love his
bald little head, his tiny little hands, and his chubby, chubby
cheeks. Provi – Malachi has a "biwth-market" just like you (only on
his back)! You are going to love feeding him his bottle too. He falls
asleep every time in your arms! Eden – There was a little girl at the
home that reminded us so much of you. Malachi really liked her …. So
we just know he is going to LOVE YOU! Sam – Malachi's favorite thing
is obviously balls! You'll teach him everything you know, right? It
seems to be a tie between a football and a basketball. Be good! See
you soon.


Jaime said...

love it! praying for Malachi to find peace soon with his forever family.

Dena said...

My dear, I can hear your heart! I'm so thankful that this day came for you!! My heart is bursting at the seams just imagining your Gotcha day!

lynjoyce said...

Hope your first night goes smoothly. Glad you are all together now. Make lots of memories!

Holly said...

Oh, thank you, Jody!!!!!!!!!!!

petiteblogger said...

No words, just a joyful heart for you guys! I'll be praying for the long flight... happy you have your little boy. :)

Elaine said...

Dear Jody,

Thank you soooo much for the information about little S. She sounds delightful.

Lisa and Peter said...

Congrats to you and your family! What an exciting time!

Angela said...

crying again!
can't wait to see you back on this side of the ocean...when your whole fam will be together at last!!
still praying every day!

brandts brandts everywhere said...

I am so happy for all of you. I am humbled by the story He has written for your lives. humbled that He loves us and trusts us so very much. humbled that He makes plans like THIS for our lives. wow. I am amazed. love you all. erin

Jeff said...

geez - ya made me cry :-) what an awesome story of grace and mercy and redemption - all the things that are good about our God - and you are living it out.

continued prayers are with you. i can't imagine what it must be like for malachi. very unsettling and upside down - but in the long run thousands of blessing - for both of you. just praying he can settle into being a britton very very quickly!

you guys rock...

emhowley said...

Jody! Thanks so much. This means the world to me and I can't tell you how much I loved your personalized update. She's a sleeper! I hope you're well. Thank you soooo much.
Love, Emily