Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Be Still My Heart

I don't know what that title means, but it seemed to fit.

We got an update from Ethiopia today on Malachi. We received reports on his heath and habits. He seems to be doing well. We also got an ADORABLE picture of him. He's sitting in one of those bouncy seats. This cracks me up, as he can sit on his own now. My kids NEVER sat in those bouncy seats once they could sit on their own. Maybe that says something to Malachi's calm and submissive spirit. HAHA Well, a mother can hope. :)

This part cracks me up though ....... as is true to all the Britton children, Malachi has a HUGE head! :) I compared his stats with one of his little friends in the Transition Home right now who is only 1-2 months older than Malachi. hehe..... His friends head circumference: 40.5 cm. Malachi's head circumference : 45.2 cm. For those of you who knew Sam especially - this is hilarious to me!

Anyway, we are hopeful that we will be flying in just over a month ... perhaps even one month from today. Again, a mother can hope, right???


Dena said...

Awesome!!! I can't wait to meet him. Woo-Hoo!

Lori said...

Jody, I love it! You can send all the hats that are too small for him to our little guy (even if he is older)!I can't wait to meet our little guys for the first time (hopefully together)! Have a great week!

Hannah said...

Which means you need to come by soon to pick out your carrier! I can't wait to meet this beautiful child of yours! Love ya!