Saturday, March 5, 2011

You can help an Orphan right now...Make that 45 Orphans right now!

A lot of people ask what they can do to help serve the orphans if they do not feel called to adopt. Well here's a chance....

The Ethiopian Courts have made a decision to go from hearing 50 adoption cases a day, to hearing 5 a day. Yes, five. I'm not good at math, but I know that is a lot less everyday. I also know that what this means is increased waiting times for children who have a family waiting to actually make it to that family. It increases it by a lot. This ruling certainly does not seem to be in favor of the children, yet it is what has been decided. After reading some about it, I do understand that there has been a lot of "baby buying" in Ethiopia. I do not desire that at all, and have always been in favor of the rulings that the Ethiopian Government has made to ensure this is not happening. In my opinion though, this is not one of those times. It isn't uncommon in Ethiopia for rules to be made, then changed. We are praying this is one of those times. But what I do know is that an opportunity to stand up for those with no voice has risen. And it's an opportunity that anyone and everyone can grab hold of.

Will you please pray with us, as well as every other family adopting from Ethiopia right now, for the Ethiopian Government, the Courts, MOWA (Ministry of Women & Children's Affairs), and anyone else who has the power to make a difference to grasp just how bad of a decision this is for the children. Please stop right now and pray with us. We believe God wants these kids in a home. And we also believe there is someone who doesn't.

Last year there were 2500 Ethiopian Children who found a family in the US. If this ruling sticks, there will only be 500 this year. Stand with us for the 45 children whose cases will not be heard starting next week.

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