Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love and Hugs

Today I went to the website that had our Ugandan Sweetie listed on their Waiting Child List. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that her name was no longer on the list. I can't even explain how it made me feel to know that this one child....this one very precious child .... no longer had reason to be WAITING.

We've been receiving a few updates about our Ugandan Sweetie. It's been good for our hearts to hear what is progressing on the other side of the world to help make this all happen.

At the top of the list of priorities (for us) is that our Sweets needs to be told of the happenings in her near future. They will begin to introduce this idea of adoption to her, this idea of a new family - a new Dad, a new Mom, new siblings. And not just those things, but new color as well, new language ... ALL NEW. We awoke to an email this morning of an update of a recent conversation with our Sweets. We went back and forth between - "Oh, isn't that cute?", to "That just breaks my heart and makes me want to cry." Such is adoption, I suppose. Here is what we read:

"{mama at the orphanage} asked "Sweetie" about adoption and she said she would love to have a mzungu {white} mom and dad because they would love and hug her."

I don't care what color we are - the fact remains, she longs to be loved and hugged. Done !!!

Can you imagine how many children in this world are going to bed tonight without love? Without a hug? Have you ever thought about being the "mzungu Mom or Dad" to step in? No? Well, will you pray with me anyway?

There is an 8 year old, HIV+ boy at "Sweeties" home that is also in need of a home. I've recently started praying for him to not only be adopted, but to be adopted by someone that will be a part of our lives. I pray this for the benefit of our daughter and this boys hearts. How wonderful a thing to be near someone you knew on the other side of the ocean. How wonderful a thing to be near a familiar face, someone who gets where you are from. How wonderful a thing it will be to see one more child who has been waiting for a home - find one.

Here is what the director of our program was able to tell me about him:

"Mark" (not his real name, but rather his photolisting name) is about 8 years old. I met him in September. He's sooooo cute and giggly. Mark is a bit of a prankster. He LOVES being tickled. He really wants to be loved and cuddled but is shy about it at first. We played tag forever and he just stole my heart. Mark is HIV+, on ARV's and in good health. He is a double orphan living in small orphanage for HIV+ children. Interested families can email salem@adoptionadvocates.org
His picture can be seen on the Ordinary Hero's photolisting.  Interested families will need to contact OH for a password."
If you want more info about adopting a child living with HIV, please contact me. I will tell you what I know, but more than that - will point you toward people who know WAAAYYY more.
So okay, maybe it isn't you who will adopt "Mark". But again, will you pray with me for a family to come forward who WILL adopt him? Even more specifically - a family near our "Sweetie". I won't be picky though - a family anywhere will do. :) 

These little ones need someone to love and hug them. I finally decided, it's heartbreaking indeed.

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Praying with you, my friend!