Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Garage Sale Season!

One of my favorite times of the year ..... GARAGE SALE SEASON !!! Aaahhh, the joy of walking around someones yard or garage picking through the stuff they no longer want. Wondering why they ever had it in the first place. (And sniffing it repeatedly only to return to find the laundry detergent used if you are like this someone I know!) Only to decide that even though they no longer need it, I surely do! I love it!

When we were in the process of adopting Malachi, we had the worlds largest garage sale. I wish I would have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records. No one currently holds the title of hosting the largest garage sale, but even if they had, I'm certain we would have beat it.

A little walk down memory lane:
For over a month, we drove around collecting items from friends who were willing to donate their "junk". (Some of them were kind enough to bring it to us, too.) I spent hours tagging, sorting, tagging some more, and laughing at some of the many things that passed through my hands. I mean, really, does anyone even WANT a platter with a naughty picture painted on it? No one but the trash I decided. We filled our entire garage, half of our neighbors garage, our front porch and the side our our house with STUFF. It was so great! The day arrived, and here was the result: (the same neighbors were kind enough to let us take over their driveway the day of the sale as well!)

Over $2000 was raised that day. And the best part? We got to share with many passers by the joy of what we were doing .... adopting a child!

Well, we are nearing the end of this second adoption journey. Wait, what? Really? We are? Yes. Lord willing. More on that to come. I do apologize for remaining silent these last few weeks about the details. Waiting and paperwork and more waiting doesn't leave much for interesting blogging. But I'm praying to fill you in on the details this next week!

Anyway .... where was I? Oh yeah, we are nearing the end of this second adoption journey. And with that, we are trying to wrap up the needed expenses we will be facing with travel. Sooooo ..... we are now open for donations once again. Drop offs accepted, pick ups being scheduled, sorry - no cleaning services available. :)

If you would like to unload some of your unwanted items, would you remember us? If so, please let me know soon so I can swing by with the trusty van. (Oh, we are shooting for the first or second weekend of May for the big event. So there's plenty of time for that Spring Cleaning!) And don't worry. If you give me some risque item, I promise to wait two years to blog about.


Hannah said...

Jody- I have a box of stuff collecting that is on my to do list to donate in the next week or two- I will come bring it to you once I am satisfied with my search for more stuff that we don't need :) I really love this idea!

TheHappyNeills said...

Hi! Kendra from the FB group and yahoo group here. . . stopped by your blog and saw your garage sale post first thing! I'm convinced God loves adoption garage sales! He's given us so much through sales over our almost 4-yr adoption journey:
...and we gearing up for a small one this month before we travel!

Jody Britton said...

Hannah - Love it! Thank you so much!!!

Kendra - Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement. Hope your next garage sale is yet another blessing!