Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bitter Sweet

A very tragic thing happened yesterday to another family adopting through our agency. Their precious baby girl went to be with Jesus. She was sick with pneumonia. All day yesterday my heart hurt for them. It also took me right back to my feelings thatI've been trying to ignore of not being able to be there to care for my child. I can't imagine the depths of this emotion that the Joners are now feeling. (I put their name so you can pray for them by name please.)

In my concerns, I needed to know if Malachi was okay. This is the second baby in 2 months to have pneumonia in Malachi's home. I know I haven't shared much about Malachi on here, because legally I can't. But what I can tell you, is that it would be not good for him to get such a sickness. (I know, it isn't good for anyone .... enough about that.) So I sent an email to the director of the home he is in asking if he was healthy. We woke up to a reply email from her this morning that he indeed is VERY healthy, and very very happy.

While the news of my healthy son brings me a sweet feeling, I'm left with that darn bitter taste of the loss the Joners are feeling .... and trying again to squash the feelings I have that hurt so bad of not being with him.

Anyway, pray for the Joners, pray for Malachi's continued good health (I can't even stress how big of a relief this was to us to hear he is healthy), pray for the other children in the home to continue to grow healthy. Pray for October to come yesterday. :)


Jori said...

I am so with you Jody ~ my heart is just aching for the Joners. Unimaginable! I also had to check on our girls and they are ok and yet I can't help but be praying for all the kiddos there ~ I want October yesterday as well! Hanging on.

Angie said...

Oh, Jody. That's just something I'd never even thought about before - that a child assigned to a family could die before meeting them. The thought had never crossed my mind. What an awful thing. I'm so glad for you guys that Malachi is healthy and happy. I'll pray that October comes faster than ever.