Sunday, March 9, 2008

News, news, and more news...although, no news of baby yet.

This past week has been up and down for me. I wrote earlier in the week regarding "Time". I read some things that our agency posted last Sunday night that had me so confused, and very worried. (Yes, here I go on the worry thing again.) It made it sound like we would be waiting for up to a year for you. The longer time passed w/o speaking to someone, the more my doubting brain concocted all these ugly scenarios. Go figure. So, needless to say, the last post was written out of pure uneducated worry. Aaron finally got a hold of someone from AWAA late Monday afternoon, and was able to clear things up. We were told that we should expect about a 5 month wait time. Okay, so that's May. Then travel July(ish). This should be great. However, I still allowed myself time to sulk and pout and whine over the added 4 months wait time to what we were originally told when starting this process over a year ago. (I'm pretty sure that was a run on sentence, but then again, my brain is a whole bunch of run on thoughts right now, so oh well.) Aaron came to me with so many positives. Turns out the wait time has increased slightly (as 4 months is still incredible in the adoption world), not as a result of our agency, but b/c there are SO many people that are now adopting from Ethiopia. Aaron was quick to remind me that this is a good problem. There are people out there...and a lot of them...that are caring for the orphans ! Like I said, I allowed myself to sulk, then the next day - agreed with him. Praise God that mans hearts are being enlarged to do such a thing. Plus, now I can hit all the garage sales once I found out just who you are and all we will need for you. :) (One of Mommy's favorite things!)

Then on Friday afternoon there was a conference call with 53 other waiting families, hosted by our program director, Duni. Man, what a hard job she has. Dealing with impatient families who just want to meet their children. (Or maybe it's just us....nah..) I still don't fully understand the process. However, I do more fully understand that we have a wonderful, Christ-centered, agency working on our behalf...but even better - on your behalf. This is comforting. They filled us in with many details that we had wondered, and some we hadn't thought of. So, all in all, it was good.

Last but not least..... oh, I think I'll give this one a post of it's own. :)

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