Thursday, May 19, 2011

We asked, you asked, and HE heard!!

Y'all are some serious prayer warriors! Thanks for being on our side!  We have been waiting on one piece of paper, and our entire affidavit. (For those who know adoption lingo - affidavit is the Ugandan term for dossier. For those who don't know adoption lingo - that is the term for our entire life in paper form. No really, our entire life. It is the compilation of papers that get sent to the officials in Uganda to petition for guardianship of one of their precious children.) We asked on Monday for prayer this week. Well... early in the week we heard the one piece of paper came in! A glimmer of hope! We continued to pray for the remainder of the paperwork (the affidavit) to come in by weeks end. Here it is .... Thursday night .... and IT CAME IN !!!! We are praising God for this!

So since you guys are such amazing prayer warriors, please continue to pray that we can be granted a court date before mid July.

Thanks for journeying with us! May all glory be to God!


Heather said...

AWESOME news! And I'm praying for MORE awesome news next week!!!

Sharilyn said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! Praying!