Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'll see your $20, and raise you a child....

Some great friends of ours are hosting a brilliant fundraiser on our behalf...on behalf of our next daughter. What makes it brilliant is that it is original, fun for all involved, and well thought out.

Here's the deal: (deal....haha)
Poker Night! (Texas Hold 'em to be exact)
Buy in: $20 (unlimited for the first hour, then $10 re-buy at the end of the hour)
Everyone wins, because the goal is to help us raise funds to bring home our next child.  At the end of the night, the entire pot goes toward our adoption! However, there wouldn't be much incentive to play poker if there wasn't a real prize for the winner(s). (We'd all be bluffing our way through the entire game, because there'd be nothing to lose! This is not the time for practicing your game faces. This is for real!)

Enter in the well thought out part:
This is where we need help NOW! We have 13 days to raise about $250 for prizes. The top 3 winners will walk away with a prize basket including gift cards to various places, coffee, VANS gear, etc.... Our goal was to raise $400 to cover the prizes. We are almost half way there.

So how can you help, you ask? Well, $5, $10, $15 can go a long way here. If you'd like to help out, you can donate through PAYPAL by clicking here:

If you can't play, but would like to "buy-in" anyway, you could also do that through that link. :) One more option ... did you get a gift card for Christmas that you would like to just donate to our event for the prizes? That would be a huge help! Any gift cards or prizes given would be that much less that needs to be raised for that, which means that much more that can help our adoption!

Sorry for my first few blog posts on this adoption to be regarding fundraising. We are flying through this adoption, and money is coming due at every turn. So we humbly plead for your help. I promise to get to the stuff you want to read about soon.

If you live locally and want to play, let me know if you didn't receive the invite, but would like to. We weren't sure who would be interested.

Thanks, friends! We love having such support around us as we strive to bring home another little one!


So I have limited knowledge on poker, and buy-ins, etc.... so straight from BMER's words:
"$20 buy-in(1500 in chips). unlimited re-buys at $20 (2000 in chips) for the first hour-or so. also at the break (one hour mark) everyone will have the change to "re-charge" for $10 (1500 in chips), one-time only, will be worth it."

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