Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drum Roll Please

Malachi has an announcement to make:

It's true. Just over a year from when we ended this blog, we're officially re-opening it.

We are adopting again!

To answer your questions:
1) Yes we are crazy.
2) We are going back to Ethiopia. Why? So Malachi has a sibling from his country. Also because we saw what we saw, and we can't forget it. (In the words of Sarah Groves.)
3) We are planning to adopt a girl, between 3 & 6. (Years old silly! Not 3-6 girls. We're not that crazy.)
4) We are using a different adoption agency this time (WACAP), same homestudy agency. (Colorado Adoption Center)
5) We are anticipating things moving along a bit faster this time (for instance - we officially started this process a month and a half ago. We're almost done with our homestudy).
6) We are hoping to have the next Britton home by Christmas of 2011. (However, Aaron cautions me against such hopes. For those of you who followed our last adoption journey, you probably can understand why. I'm not super great at waiting longer than anticipated. Or waiting at all for that matter.)
7) Yes, we are crazy....and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Hopefully that answered most of your questions. If not, follow along. Buckle up!

Please keep your arms and legs inside at all times. This ride is known for making sudden stops, and sharp turns.


Angela said...

Congratulations, Brittons! I'm so excited to follow your journey to your little girl! How fun that my girls (and boys for that matter!) will have another little friend to play with.

Doug and Danielle said...

I just stumbled on your blog and have a few questions. We are considering using WACAP Ethiopia also, but have not been able to find much information. I would love to talk with you about why you choose them. Please email me We are in CO also, in C Springs, where are you?