Monday, April 27, 2009

Summing up the heart of adoption

Read this. It will make you cry. More than that, it is perhaps one of the best things I've ever read that truly sums up the heart of adoption.


Nunez Family said...

WOW Jody! Thank you for sharring this. I am at a lost for words & convicted in so many ways. This process of adoption/family has put me on the biggest learning curve of my life. Trying to soak it all in. Again Wow, humbled!

tirz said...

Hi Jody ... I came across your blog in the NICHE group and I just had to write to you. I am so excited to have come across your blog! It seems we have a lot in common ... loving the Lord, I'm from Africa and your little guy, being a mommy, homeschooling, living in Colorado, both being married the same time (May of 1999), husbands being in the ministry the same time and both working full-time as worship leaders. I am now following your blog and look forward to reading what you have to share in the future. I hope that we get to meet through the NICHE group one of these days. Blessings to you!