Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malachi is.....

Malachi is changing so very fast. Every day he is learning and doing new things. Here is a brief rundown over the last several weeks.

* Malachi started to crawl!
* Malachi started to walk! (See it here, on Aaron's blog ... no point in reloading it.)
* Malachi can sign: more, please, thank-you, all done ... and does all 4 often and usually for the wrong reasons. But it is still really cute.
* Malachi can say: bye, hi, mama, dada, sissy, bro-bro, ba-ba, that, here-ya-go, love you, thank you, done, ball, and Jesus (according to the kids).
* Malachi is now sleeping with Bro-Bro (aka, his big brother, Sam) after almost 3 months in our room.
* Malachi is now sleeping through the night, and has been for almost 4 weeks ... after 3 months in our room of NOT sleeping through the night!
* Malachi is down to just 1 bottle a day. (As of today that is, I just took away his nap time bottle this afternoon. He didn't even notice .... I don't think.) The boy eats MORE than enough throughout the day. He is no longer malnourished, nor in need of 36 ounces of formula a day (which is what he was getting the first 3 months).
* Malachi is finally drinking from a sippy cup, although he isn't very fond of milk.
* Malachi STILL has giradia (sp?) after 3 rounds of treatments. Ugh.
* Malachi loves when we play Ethiopian music. Again, check it out on Aaron's blog if you want. Calms him down when nothing else will.
* Malachi had his first night with a babysitter. (Meaning Aaron & I had our first real date in almost 4 months.) ***Thanks again PJ!!!!!!!*** He did great, says the sitter and the kids.
* Malachi hates the church nursery with a passion. So did my other kids though, so I am not really surprised.
* Malachi is insanely jealous of his big brother if I am involved. In other words, when Sam has my attention (especially my lap), he HATES it .... screams until it's over in fact.
* Malachi loves to be outside, only he doesn't like the grass. If he sees that you are about to put him in the grass, he will lift his legs up in protest. It's very funny. :)
* Malachi is brilliant!!!!! So many changes (especially in the last month). A new language, new environment, new family, a lifetime of sorrows and lack of opportunity (until he came to us that is) .... and he's come this far!

That's my Malachi!

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brandts brandts everywhere said...

yea! so fun to read all this! I hope my baby only takes three months before they sleep through the night! :) love you guys!